Annie's Millions

Annie's Millions

Annies Millions is a hidden object game where you´ll spend 1000000 dollars
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Annies Millions is a hidden object game where you need to spend a million dollars.
Your name is Annie. In order to inherit Uncle Dave´s fortune, you and your cousins will compete to spend one million dollars as quick as possible. But you must spend the money wisely, too. The price of each found item will be deducted from your million-dollar gold card. Each dollar spent pushes you towards the whole fortune.

The game will take place in lots of shops, from a flea market to expensive boutiques. You must find, in the mess, the objects that are written down in the list at the bottom of the screen. You can ask for a hint when you can´t find something, but hints are a limited resource. When you run out of hints, you can earn some by playing four minigames, in which you´ll need to guess the value of certain articles and order them by price. Should you win that minigame, you´ll obtain an extra hint. When you´re done finding all the objects in the list, you´re ready to go to the next level.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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